The K-Valves Use in Commercial Plumbing

K-Valve System - Australian plumbing testing valve

As a commercial plumber, being able to complete your job efficiently and effectively is important. Whether you are working on the infrastructure that is delivering portable water, removing waste products, or doing something else like providing water for heating and cooling HVAC systems, your role in installing, maintaining and repairing plumbing systems and water fixtures […]

Why Safe Working Practices Matter In The Plumbing Industry

Plumbing Safety - The K-Valve System

Leptospirosis, Hepatitis A, Drill Motors, Tubing Cutters, Hack Saws. These are some of the illnesses and tools that flash like red lights from the pages of the Queensland Government’s health and safety section for plumbers. Work carries risks and risks require mitigation. Those jobs with higher danger levels deserve special attention. They need the equipment […]

The Problems With Current Plumbing Test Plugs

The Problems With Current Plumbing Test Plugs K -Valve Systems

Plumbing Test Plugs are a fundamental requirement in plumbing tests. The integrity of testing plugs determines the success of the process while ensuring the safety of plumbers. New methods using modern testing plugs have been developed, improving time and cost efficiency, and enhancing safety. Traditional testing plugs have many drawbacks, making them undesirable to contractors […]

The Benefits of the K-Valve – Plumbing Testing Valve

K-Valve Systems - Plumbing Testing Valve Australia

The K-Valve testing and inspecting plumbing technology presents an innovative design that addresses the problem of plumbing workplace injury and lost plugs. Thanks to the K-Valve plumbing testing valve, testing stormwater and wastewater has never been easier or safer!

K-Valve Background Story – An Australian Plumbing Solution

K-Valve Systems - Australian Plumbing Solutions

Background story Reliable sewer and stormwater pipes are critical to ensuring the integrity of our complex drainage systems. On installation, these wastewater systems are tested to meet the Australian and New Zealand Standards. The limitations and risks of the current testing methods are well-known to plumbers. Read on for a modern and Australian plumbing solution.