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The K-Valve


K-Valve is a safe and highly efficient testing and inspection device, strategically designed to streamline testing sewer and storm water systems used in all residential, commercial and industrial environments.

The simplicity of the K-Valve design allows for easy install, using the multi-faceted product as the standard inspection and test opening, applying the separate test plug during the testing phase. As well as finalising the process with the permanent plug and cap.

The unique test plug controls the flow of air and water by a simple quarter turn relief valve eliminating injuries to the wrists, hands and fingers, therefore directly improving business efficiency of safety, time and money. An additional feature of the test plug is the pneumatic functionality allowing for accelerated air testing opportunities. This revolutionised and award winning product was developed in Australia, and is fully accredited to BS1329 in the UK. At Anglo Nordic, we are proud to be the chosen UK distributor. You can take a look at the K-Valve in action below.

The Product Range

K-Valve exploded view

K-Valve Standard

Inspection and Test Opening

K-Valve Test Plug


Test Plug

The K-Valve In Action

The Individual Parts

K-Valve exploded view with named parts

Inspection and Test Opening

K-Valve Test Plug exploded view with named parts

Test Plug

The Benefits

A Revolutionary Inspection Test Opening

K-Valve exploded view

How It Works

The product follows a simple six step process, which you can see below.

K-Valve exploded view

Step 1

Install the product into the required position and insert the test plug and test cap.


Step 2

The plug in the test position holding water or air at a static pressure.

Step 3

The plug relieves the water or air test through the quarter turn relief valve.


Step 4

Once testing phase is complete, remove the test cap and the test plug.

K-Valve exploded view

Step 5

Install the insert piece and permanent cap.

Step 6

Tighten the cap and you are done.

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