Newsflash: All project Managers need to be across a new device that could reduce costs and keep those working on construction sites safer.

Stormwater testing in Victoria just got a whole lot simpler! So, if you’re responsible for new home construction projects or developing sports stadiums, stay tuned. There’s a multi-awarding-winning product on the market that’s revolutionising the way we conduct stormwater testing.

All projects will need a stormwater test plug sooner or later. Find out why K-Valve is the must-have product of the year for stormwater testing in Victoria as we give you the lowdown on this indispensable stormwater test valve.

K-Valve Explained

In a nutshell, K-Valve is a safe and effective inspection and testing device for plumbers. Time and again, we’ve witnessed the issues that those who conduct stormwater testing in Victoria experience. To fix these problems, we came up with a super-clever design.

K-Valve simplifies the process necessary for testing sewer and stormwater systems. Site engineers and plumbers can incorporate it into their workflow in residential, commercial or industrial settings.

As with many successful new products, its simplicity makes it stand out from the crowd. There are lots of movers and shakers in the construction industry who find it difficult to understand how no one has thought of a similar device before.

Better Safety and Savings in Money & Time

Our designers have made K-Valve simple to install. The K-Valve can quickly become the standard test opening and inspection device. You apply the separate test plug throughout the testing period. You can then sign off the testing process by fitting the permanent cap and plug.

The design of the K-Valve test plug means users can take control of the water flow with one simple quarter-turn relief valve. This mitigates the chances of injuries to hands, fingers or wrists. We can make claims based on factual evidence that using K-Valve improves the efficiency of a business. It enhances safety along with driving time and money savings.

Fully Patented and Accredited

Extra components of the K-Valve stormwater test plug are its pneumatic characteristics.  These create water-saving opportunities.

It’s worth noting that K-Valve has full accreditation to AS/NZS 1260. We’ve also ensured we have a patent for this revolutionary device. It’s ready to use now and can add greater efficiency to any projects with plumbing issues.

And the Winner Is…

Naturally, it’s K-Valve! K-Valve received the Product of the Year award at the 2023 New Zealand Plumbing Awards. The ceremony took place in Christchurch.

These awards are particularly special because industry experts draw up the shortlist. The people who decide who gets the top award are passionate about this often-overlooked area of expertise.

“Representing Excellence” is the slogan of Master Plumbers, who organise the New Zealand Plumbing Awards. That adds to the thrill of K-Valve’s association with this highly respected organisation.

K-Valve was also a distinguished winner at Queensland’s Safe Work and Return Work Awards in 2022. This was in the Best Demonstrated Healthy and Safe Work Design section.

We are extremely proud of both these enormous achievements, which endorse K-Valve’s valuable contribution to the workplace.

The Future of Stormwater Testing in Victoria

When you’re in charge of a big residential project with a large crew of construction workers, the chances are you’ll find that plumbers, especially, have their devices for stormwater testing.

Some may swear by K-Valve already. But others may still be using a whole range of different kinds of testing devices that could cause injury. These older devices often get lost in pipework and may require regular replacement.

By streamlining stormwater testing in Victoria and adding K-Valve as an integral component within your project, you can take advantage of all its benefits.

Increased Demand for New Houses

The government of Victoria has launched an ambitious three-pronged approach to housing reform. There are to be rent-rise limits, fast-tracked developments, not to mention 800,000 new homes over the next decade.

This is making for the greatest shake-up within the state’s property sector for a generation. It’s all an attempt to get to grips with the staggering housing shortage. There’ll be sweeping planning and housing reforms.

A Population Boom

Victoria can consider itself the fastest-growing state in the country. The expectation is that its population will rise by a third by 2051 from just under seven million to over ten million. The government hopes to create the right conditions to stimulate investment and build top-quality homes more quickly in the most desirable places.

Both Victoria’s government and the private sector look set to pump billions of dollars into new housing projects. K-Valve has an integral part to play as the stormwater test valve plumbers choose all the strategies to address the recent housing crisis by developing specific types of housing like townhouses and duplexes.

Streamlining Planning Processes

Victoria’s government has made reforming the state’s planning system a central goal. This is to clear a long waiting list for planning permits. The hope is it will give builders, project managers and construction companies greater certainty about how lengthy approvals are likely to take.

The focus will be on boosting density over urban expansion. However, a requirement of the housing reforms will be standards in design that require homes to have:

Incentives for developers are to include the building of taller blocks and faster planning processes. There’s also a push to take advantage of major transport projects such as those in Melbourne’s inner and middle suburbs. The focus here is the delivery of more homes, more jobs and better-connected services.

Grab the Best Stormwater Test Valve on the Market Today!

We believe all those involved with new developments should incorporate K-Valve into the planning of any building project. These may be big or small, but all will require a component for stormwater testing in Victoria and beyond.

By using K-Valve, you have the chance to improve on-site safety and make savings in both money and time. Get in touch with one of the K-Valve team today to secure the order of your next stormwater test plug.