Every plumber knows the demand for their services can rise and fall considerably from year to year. What remains constant is the need to be able to maximise efficiency on the job. This can be done with the proper training and experience, but working effectively and being able to handle additional customers in less time also requires the right tools.

The K-Valve is an innovative water inspection test opening that accelerates the testing process. This can be invaluable for those working in many aspects of the plumbing industry. If you’re a distributor seeking new products related to drainage, water systems, and water fixtures to supply to your retailers, becoming a K-Valve distributor of their leading technology could present an ideal opportunity for you and your business. 

What is the K-Valve?

Before getting into the benefits of being a K-Valve distributor, let’s first explain how the technology works. Water and air testing are something plumbers need to do over and over again. It’s not always easy to get this done, however, and it can take time, as well as physical effort.

The K-Valve makes the testing process easier and much faster. This is done through the use of a safe and strategically designed test device consisting of a 100mm test plug, a streamlined insert piece, a test cap, and a second permanent cap. Made from durable PVC, this device is fully accredited to AS/NZS 1260 standards and has proved itself as a finalist in the Queensland Safe Work and Return to Work Awards, 2021.

A unique and revolutionary plumbing device, the K-Valve is easy to install and use, presenting a widely appealing plumbing solution.

The K-Valve provides plumbers with innovative benefits

What makes the K-Valve stand out? Its unique design.

Plumbers are often required to squeeze into tight quarters and sustain personal injuries to get the job done. What’s more, once a person has finally positioned themselves to access the right location to perform their air or water test, it’s not unheard of to lose the test plug down the pipe. These setbacks reduce a plumber’s ability to complete one job efficiently and move on to the next safely and effectively.

With K-Valve, plumbers get access to:

Because the K-Valve is so easy to use and install, as one of the leading plumbing valves, in Australia, this product stands to revolutionise the market. Stormwater valves that can be operated with simplicity reduce injuries sustained to wrists, fingers, and hands, and makes for better business.

As a K-Valve distributor, you can help make a plumber’s life easier and take part in providing retailers with leading-edge transformative water system technology.

Becoming a K-Valve distributor can benefit your business

K-Valve is currently excited to be connecting with distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand. We’re looking for enthusiastic sellers who can see the vast benefits this novel product has to offer. If you’re ready to share the news with retailers, we want to connect with you.

 As a K-Valve distributor, you can take pride in transforming water and air testing for plumbers in your area. You can also:

As a leading plumbing distributor, you can increase valuable network connections in your business space. By offering a new, cutting-edge device, you can present your local industry with the best technology, and increase your sales.

If you are excited to expand your reach and connect with retailers, you could be an ideal K-Valve distributor.

Expanding your reach as a distributor

By taking a proactive approach and educating resellers about the K-Valve, you can potentially increase your sales.

How? This competitive product can help distinguish your business as one that supplies the newest technology on the market. This can help you build and reinforce your reliable reputation. Retailers may then be more likely to turn to you first, in the future. This can allow you to not only sell more K-Valves, but it could increase your opportunities for cross-selling. Once a retailer sees you as a solid source of plumbing supplies, you can potentially expand your reach.

Building a network as a primary provider

The K-Valve is a new device presenting novel technology. As a primary distributor of the K-Valve in your area, you stand to become the main source of this technology as the market grows. By getting in early as a distributor, you can potentially gain the most customers and reap the greatest benefits down the road.

The advantages of B2B sales

Business-to-business (B2B) sales come with many advantages. As a distributor, you can:

As a K-Valve distributor, you can add more variety to your plumbing offerings and impress retail outlets with the best technology on the market. By getting in on the action now, you stand to advance your position in the plumbing market and gain a competitive advantage over other plumbing supply distributors in your area. This can have a long-term ripple effect on the success of your business and your networking opportunities.

 Contact K-Valve today and get onboard

Contact K-Valve now to learn more about becoming a leading distributor of our product. We would love to learn more about your business, including where you’re located and why K-Valve may be a great fit. We have a passion for supplying plumbers with the best tools in order to save time and money while optimising on-the-job efficiency. Get started today!

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