K-Valve for Stormwater Testing in Queensland

K-Valve for Stormwater Testing in Queensland

Project Managers, listen up! If you’re responsible for new home construction projects or developing sports venues, you need to hear this news. There’s a new and revolutionary product on the market that’s going to save you a lot of time and money. Whatever the project, there will be a need for a stormwater test valve. […]

The K-Valves Use in Commercial Plumbing

K-Valve System - Australian plumbing testing valve

As a commercial plumber, being able to complete your job efficiently and effectively is important. Whether you are working on the infrastructure that is delivering portable water, removing waste products, or doing something else like providing water for heating and cooling HVAC systems, your role in installing, maintaining and repairing plumbing systems and water fixtures […]

Using the K-Valve for Efficient Testing and Inspection

Using the K-Valve for Efficient Sewer Testing and Inspection

Picture the work a plumber does. You might imagine a smiling tradie in fresh high vision happily tightening nuts on a set of taps or installing a flash new shower unit. The truth is, however, that plumbing can be dirty work. A fully-fledged plumber ensures fresh clean water gets to the right places. They’re also […]

K-Valve: New Zealand’s Plumbing Product of the Year!

K-Valve: New Zealand’s Plumbing Product of the Year!

“And, this year’s top prize goes to..” There’s genuine satisfaction in getting recognition from your peers. It’s especially true when you’ve achieved something extraordinary in your field. That recognition for innovative plumbing doesn’t come easily. It was not without a lot of hard graft, sleepless nights and steely focus. The clear simplicity of one plumbing […]

Plug Into Knowledge: Understanding How Test Plugs Work

Plug Into Knowledge: Understanding How Test Plugs Work

When it comes to stormwater testing, not all test plugs types are equal. There are plenty of risks with several of them. Some can cause injury. Others are highly labour-intensive. The 2 main methods for stormwater testing are the air test and the water test. Other ways include smoke testing and the mandrel testing method. […]

Making the Switch to K-Valve

Make the Switch to K-Valve: What You Need to Know | Plumbing Test Valve

Creating a good impression at a job interview or when meeting a new potential partner requires one key ingredient. You need to be able to show off the added value you’re bringing to the table. Marketing a new product in any industry has similarities. It helps if you can prove that it beats the competition […]

The Game Changer In Plumbing

The Game Changer In Plumbing | Stormwater Testing Methods

The K-Valve® is a revolutionary device used in the inspection and testing of sewer and stormwater systems. These vital procedures are legal requirements across all residential, commercial and industrial environments. A recent interview with Wynnes Patent And Trade Mark Attornies uncovered how innovative plumbing inventor, Glenn Knight, has singlehandedly transformed testing plugs and stormwater testing […]

Avoid The Test Plug Pitfalls With K-Valve

Avoid The Test Plug Pitfalls With K-Valve | Test Plugs

Look in any plumber’s box of tools and you’re likely to find an assortment of test plugs. They’ve traditionally been an essential part of the testing process sealing up the pipes and then creating pressure inside the system. Plumbers may need to ensure that the piping system on a newly built office block is in […]

Piling on The Pressure: Why K-Valve Is Better Than The Rest

Piling On The Pressure: Why K-Valve Is Better Than The Rest | Plumbing Distributor Brisbane

Look at the tools and protective gear plumbers need and you’ll get a sense of how risky their work is. Pliers, tubing cutters and face shields used to install sewerage pumping equipment go with the territory of every plumber and plumbing distributor. Efficient stormwater plumbing systems are our frontline defence against hazards like water contamination. […]

Why Safe Working Practices Matter In The Plumbing Industry

Plumbing Safety - The K-Valve System

Leptospirosis, Hepatitis A, Drill Motors, Tubing Cutters, Hack Saws. These are some of the illnesses and tools that flash like red lights from the pages of the Queensland Government’s health and safety section for plumbers. Work carries risks and risks require mitigation. Those jobs with higher danger levels deserve special attention. They need the equipment […]