Picture the work a plumber does. You might imagine a smiling tradie in fresh high vision happily tightening nuts on a set of taps or installing a flash new shower unit. The truth is, however, that plumbing can be dirty work.

A fully-fledged plumber ensures fresh clean water gets to the right places. They’re also responsible for maintaining and fixing wastewater systems. That involves sewer testing and the inevitable health and safety issues associated with it.

K-Valve has quickly become the gold standard in innovative plumbing. Read for a step-by-step guide that’ll show you how it works and for the lowdown about why it can help keep plumbers safe.

The Risks to Plumbers

Plumbers face a number of dangers to their health and well-being when they’re on the job. Some risks like harmful pathogens get hidden from view in sewage and wastewater.

Certain kinds of repetitive motion can lead to injuries. These include soft tissue damage to the shoulders, wrists or neck. Back problems, pulled muscles and ruptured disks are relatively common along with strains and sprains. There’s a constant battle to reduce to risks of eye injuries, hearing loss, burns and even health issues related to mould.

It’s not just using high-power tools that can carry an element of risk so too can simple testing equipment. That includes the huge variety of sewer testing and stormwater testing valves available on the market.

The risks can become exacerbated due to the confined spaces that plumbers may find they have to work in. Years of repairs and quick fixes by a variety of tradespeople can lead to a labyrinth of pipework that’s challenging to manoeuvre through.

K-Valve plays an integral role in trying to keep plumbers safer. Their work can be fraught with complexities. However, sometimes a simple innovative plumbing solution comes along that tradies can incorporate into their everyday routine.

Sewer Testing and Stormwater Testing Made Simple

K-Valve is a multi-award-winning new product every plumber should carry with them. You might well ask why it gets continuously dubbed as being “revolutionary” by industry experts.

First up, it does away with the need for plumbers to carry around a variety of different types of test valves with them. K-Valve is a one-size-fits-all kind of product and is ideal for both commercial and domestic settings. Because it’s tough and built to last, it’s a device that plumbers can rely on for the long haul.

It’s easy to install, simple to operate and excellent value for money. K-Valve also:

Take these last 3 benefits. Each one of them can add up to substantial savings over any given year. Time is money. The last thing a plumber needs is to miss out on a lucrative project. That can happen due to a sprained wrist or a gashed finger trying to fish out a missing sewer testing plug.

Using K-Valve In 6 Easy Steps

So, just how easy is K-Valve to use on-site? We’ve broken down the installation process into 6 simple steps:

Step 1: When installing K-Valve into a vertical position you’ll need to use an extension and then insert the K-Valve 100mm test plug and test cap. You can also use the K-Valve horizontally without the extension.

Step 2: With the K-Valve 100mm plug in the test position you’ll hold water at a static pressure.

Step 3: The K-Valve 100mm plug relieves the water test through the quarter-turn relief valve.

Step 4: Once the testing phase is complete, you can remove the test cap and the K-Valve 100mm test plug.

Step 5: Install the insert piece and permanent cap.

Step 6: Tighten the permanent cap. Job done!

K-Valve will end up costing plumbers less compared to other more traditional testing systems. Ideal for both water and air testing, it’s a safer bet for plumbers and can get the job done almost half the time.

Sewer testing comes with added health risks. Dangerous microorganisms can live in sewage. When plumbers come into contact with them they can pick up harmful viruses, bacteria and protozoa.

This can result in serious illnesses like gastroenteritis. K-Valve is innovative plumbing at its best. It reduces the health risks involved. Plumbers need to get used to incorporating K-Valve as their go-to sewer and stormwater testing product. The less likely they will then be to pick up any nasty infections.

Plumbers always need to manage risk. They can do this by:

K-Valve should be part of the safety strategy of both plumbers and project managers working on large government or privately funded building programmes. Ensuring workers are aware of it is going to play into the overall safety of all kinds of projects.

K-Valve Is an Essential Device for All Plumbers

Plumbers put themselves at risk to make sure our plumbing systems get repaired and maintained properly. Although most undergo rigorous training to mitigate the risks of injury, they are always going to face dangers due to the nature of their work.

K-Valve plays an important part in keeping plumbers safer. This is particularly in the sewer testing processes involved in both commercial and domestic settings. Follow the 6 easy steps required to install K-Valve. They can lead to substantial cost-savings and a safer working environment.

Safer Sewer Testing with One Innovative Plumbing Product

By choosing K-Valve, you’ll be joining a growing band of plumbers and tradies. They’re all reaping the benefits of this revolutionary and innovative plumbing device. K-Valve has won industry-wide respect for its simple design and numerous safety benefits.

Get in touch with K-Valve today and find out how you could soon be making sewer testing safer. Whether you’re a plumbers’ merchant, stockist or tradie, we’d love to hear from you.