Look at the tools and protective gear plumbers need and you’ll get a sense of how risky their work is. Pliers, tubing cutters and face shields used to install sewerage pumping equipment go with the territory of every plumber and plumbing distributor.

Efficient stormwater plumbing systems are our frontline defence against hazards like water contamination. Plumbing-related risks are on the up as cities become more densely populated.

K-Valve is a new, innovative system designed to make the lives of plumbers and their customers safer. Read on to find out why every plumbing distributor should have Australia’s must-have plumbing valve on their list.

A Sign of the Times

Increasing numbers of us are now living life in apartments or other buildings with shared services. This brings with it an exponential impact on plumbing issues that include:

We’re changing how we use, re-use, recycle, capture and store water. The chances of cross-contamination and adverse health outcomes are getting higher. Add to that the pressure placed on plumbing infrastructure from overworked stormwater and sewerage systems. It all makes for a perfect storm in which plumbing-related problems can flourish.

Streamlining Pipe Testing

The plumbing systems in multi-occupancy buildings can get tweaked, adjusted and altered over many decades. That can make the work of those who maintain them even more difficult.

Plumbers often have little space in which to manoeuvre and carry out intricate repairs and tests. This increases the risk of:

K-Valve is part of the solution. It’s a revolutionary, safe and highly efficient testing and inspection device. Its designers have come up with an ingenious way to streamline testing sewerage and stormwater systems. It’s become the ideal choice for all residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Key Benefits of the K-Valve Product Range

It’s the simplicity of the K-Valve design that first makes it stand out from the crowd. So many plumbers and plumbing distributors have said to us after fitting and using it, “How come no one ever thought of this before?”

The K-Valve system is far faster than traditional testing methods, cutting the process from minutes to seconds. It can accelerate testing times by up to 90 per cent.

The unique, patented K-Valve test plug regulates the flow of water with a simple quarter-turn relief valve. That cuts out the risk of sprains and bruises to the hands, wrists and fingers.

With its additional test plug, the system incorporates pneumatic functionality. That means there’s a great opportunity to save on water. The process is finished off with the fitting of the permanent plug and cap, both tough and built to last.

Highly cost-effective and easy to use, the K-Valve saves time and a whole lot of hassle. Available in standard or expansion form, it dramatically improves everyone’s safety in all water testing scenarios. These include the management of both stormwater and sewerage systems.

K-Valve vs Traditional Storm Water Valves

Here are some of the key reasons why older, traditional types of testing valves are no match for K-Valve and why you’d be better off making the switch right now:

…………………………………………………………………K-Valve……………………Typical Traditional Valve

Improves safety———————-✓——————— x

Easy to control———————–✓——————— x

Cuts down testing time—————✓ ———————x

Saves Water————————-✓———————x

Ideal for all environments————-✓——————— x

Engineered for water and air testing—✓——————— x

Available in expansion form———–✓ ———————x

Prone to rust and leaks—————x———————-✓

K-Valve also boasts Australia’s approved WaterMark standard. The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) administers the WaterMark programme. It does this on behalf of the Federal Government.

This is a mandatory certification scheme for some plumbing and drainage products. It makes sure they are fit for purpose and properly authorised for use. New Zealand operates a similar type of system that K-Valve is also a part of.

Many plumbers bemoan losing their testing plugs down the drain when using traditional testing valves. The clever design of K-Valve prevents this from happening. There’s no need to constantly remember to carry plenty of spares.

And the Winner Is…

In a sense, all Australian plumbing distributors and plumbers can be winners. That’s as long as they make K-Valve part of their sewerage and stormwater valve solution. K-Valve has become a vital, industry-recognised addition to a plumber’s portfolio of devices.

K-Valve has taken pride in placing as a finalist in the Australian Workplace Health and Safety Awards. It features in the small to medium enterprise category for excellence.

And, it also got singled out in the list of Queensland’s 2022 Safe Work and Return to Work Awards finalists. It was one of the top two designs featured in the “Best Demonstrated Healthy and Safe Work Design” category.

Evidence of a New and Highly Regarded Product

These achievements give K-Valve the recognition it deserves. They demonstrate K-Valve’s excellence and innovation in workplace health and safety. They provide clear evidence of the huge difference and improvement K-Valve can make to plumbing working practices.

K-Valve is modern and innovative. It will cost you no more than you’d expect to pay for a quality stormwater testing valve. It’s the best choice for all the new challenges that plumbers face due to the changes in the way many of us now choose to live.

Whether you’re involved in new-build apartment blocks, older converted buildings, factories or residential homes, K-Valve is going to be the right fit every time.

K-Valve Beats All the Competition

Plumbing businesses take note: K-Valve is going to help you become even more efficient so that you can spend more of your valuable doing what you do best. The K-Valve system is safe, reliable, and excellent value for money.

If you’re a plumbing distributor, sole trader, property manager or homeowner, K-Valve is for you. Find out more about how K-Valve can add tangible value to your plumbing business or distribution network by contacting us now.

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