Running your own plumbing business can lead to a rewarding career. Your services are needed by customers and you get to tackle a new situation on your feet every day.

This being said, the pandemic has forced the plumbing industry to face cutbacks over the past few years and these are expected to persist into 2022 and beyond. This isn’t great news!

What’s causing the slowdown? The latest IBISWorld report shows the Australian plumbing sector is expected to experience a 4% decline in revenue in coming years. This is due in part to fewer homeowners completing maintenance on their houses during the uncertain times of the pandemic. What needs fixing has been put off. In addition, there is a slight downward trend in new residential building projects. Not as many new homes are being constructed, leading to a dip in demand for plumbing services across the country.

What does this mean for business owners? Any edge you can gain for your customers and yourself can help set you apart from your competition. In our opinion, one of these is the K-Valve, an innovative plumbing test plug solution that can help save you time and money. As a device that helps you quickly and efficiently test water in commercial, industrial, and residential environments, this revolutionary product is changing the game.

It’s faster to install

The K-Valve is a patented plumbing test plug. It allows you to more safely and efficiently inspect and test water. The coronavirus pandemic has led to increased water testing in some areas as a method of tracking the development and spread of COVID-19 in communities. The unique K-Valve system involves a 100mm plumbing test plug, an insert piece, a pipe joint, a test cap, and a permanent cap.

Made from durable PVC, this plumbing inspection valve system can be easily installed in piping. Once in, a simple quarter turn of the relief valve controls the flow of water. Water can be tested up to 90% faster with this system. Compared with traditional plumbing methods, it makes testing a breeze.

For starters, you don’t risk losing your test plug down the drain and having to take the time to fish it out. In addition, the system is fast, leading to quicker job completion. The benefits of the K-Valve system make it no surprise that K-Valve has won awards such as Plumbing Product of The Year!

Approved for use in both Australia and New Zealand, this device is small but can have a large impact on your work. It can potentially lead to increased revenue for your business in the long run. As an affordable plumbing solution that can reap benefits, it’s a must-have for plumbers.

It’s safer

How many times have you suffered from scraps, scratches, and more, trying to fit into a small space to get the job done? Most plumbing inspection points sit against a wall or in a confined space that can be difficult to access and manoeuvre in. The K-Valve plumbing test plug helps eliminate the difficulties of the job. It’s so easy to use you’ll be in and out in just minutes. No more reaching and bending to access the inspection point and insert your test plug manually. The K-Valve inserts it for you through a simple device. You reduce your scratches and scrapes, and also your chances of falling or having heavy equipment fall on you. This makes water inspection safer and easier to do.

Designed specifically for testing sewer and stormwater in all environments, our product helps to reduce onsite work injuries, leading to less lost time on the job. You can stay productive and more easily reach your business goals.

Let K-Valve change your plumbing business. Contact us now to learn more and place your order today.

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